The Secret Between Women And Handbags

Published: 22nd June 2010
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In the history of women's fashion, I am afraid no accessories can be like the handbag which takes such a pivotal position in women's lives. There is a popular saying in social occasions: "You can judge a person by his watch if man, and handbags if women." Handbags to women is just as automobiles to men, power to the politicians. It is full of magic, like a magnet. World fashion master Christian Lacroix once said: "I have always been fascinated by accessories, for they play a final, decisive role in the overall style." After many years of trials and hardships, this phrase has become a golden rule in today's fashion arena. Handbag is not a single accessory, its own fashion degree and the collocations of costumes and handbags have risen to the status of personal taste.

If we consider clothes and accessories the texts to convey information of fashion, then handbags are an alternative notion difficult to express. Women and handbags, there is like a never-ending struggle. When a woman can not afford expensive brand-name suits, just a simple fashionable handbag can get her to go with the flow forward.

Women love bags, which remain constant consensus. Some people says that bags to women is like green leaves to red flowers; without leaves, flowers would decrease their luster. While without handbags, women would decrease their charm.

Women's attitude toward handbags is similar to that of men toward women. The first clue is that women can't resist any styles of handbags, while men appreciate all kinds of women, lovely, charming, sexy, youthful, mature and elegant ......always too much gets in the eye. Secondly, handbag is different from clothing, you may not want to wear the clothing again after a few times. However, handbags have collection values, you can still get praise using the handbags purchased years ago. So women won't discard the existing hangbags, just want to have more. The same is true with men, they won't abandon their wives, but would also like to have more women.

Women's choices for handbags often are no choice. Casual, elegant, sporty, lady, modern, national, luxurious, quaint......From large bag that anything can plug into to purses that can't contain anything. As any style is right to their appetite and every style is to their need. Perhaps because women's bags are full of their secrets, so they are inseparable.

Many women always dream about purchasing fashion handbags at low prices, however, they are tired of rambling around every store. Besides, the prices of the bags are always unaffordable. On-line shopping can help to solve this problem. is such an on-line store selling women trendy handbags and accessories at wholesale price. It can help you to save lots of time and money.

Handbags decorate women, women decorate the landscape, beautifing the eyes of you and me. Get your favourite handbags and make yourself the most unique. Every women deserve to have her own fascinate handbag dreams and make it come true. Women and handbags, a topic that never ends and a love without termination.

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